Industry Professionals Conclave 2018

IGSA executive board proudly announces another never-before event to welcome 2018 and help students before Physical Sc. and Engineering Career Fair,

Industry Professionals Conclave 2018

  • Date: 20th January, 2018
  • Time: 1-4:30 PM PST
  • Venue: Giedt 1003, UC Davis
  • Registration : FREE including FOOD !! Limited to only first 80 participants !!
  • Register Here :

We want to thank our partner for this event, Global affairs, SISS, UC Davis for their full support towards this initiative. Our invited speakers are from hardware, software, e-commerce, clothing, construction and genomic research industry.

NO FEES for the registration and FREE FOOD for everyone!! 🙂 There will be a donation box and you are welcome to donate anything (every penny matters) to help us organize more such events in future.

You are welcome to bring your updated resumes and speakers have all the liberty whether to accept/reject as per their company’s policy. Speakers will also take responsibility of protecting company’s IPR policy, ensuring the safety of non-disclosable info. Hope this event helps you in discussing with various professionals in person, getting some advice on your job search and career perspective.

Invited Speakers

Saigopal Thota (
Saigopal Thota
Sai works at Walmart Labs on data engineering problems in their Growth Organization. He has a PhD from the Networks Lab in the CS department at UC Davis. His research interests include Big Data Architectures, Cloud-based service architectures, Hybrid Optical networks, etc. Before joining Walmart Labs, Saigopal has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at UC Davis, and Cablevision systems after graduating from UC Davis.
Krishnan graduated with a MS from Civil and Environmental Engineering department. Krishnan’s career started off with a year long internship for California Department of Water Resources in the Dams and Canals Engineering Division. There he was involved with projects such as the seismic remediation for Perris Dam and emergency response for Oroville Dam-the largest earth dam in the United States. He now works in the geotechnical section for a large engineering firm and continues to work on large infrastructure projects with challenging geotechnical aspects. His professional interests include geology, laboratory testing of soils and geotechnical modeling.
Yagnik Suchak (
Yagnik graduated with a MS in Computer Science. He served in IGSA Executive Board 2015-16 as Events officer. He currently works as Software Engineer – Event Platforms @ Apple Inc. His current role at Apple Inc. includes working on creating the next generation of platforms that incorporates concepts like event sourcing, immutability and next generation data-stores. His technical Interests include experimenting with Reactive Streams (asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back pressure:
Samanwita Pal (
Samanwita graduated with an MS in Computer Science and a major in Software Engineering from UC Davis in 2016. She currently works at Electronic Arts, for the Social Platform team, where she designs and develops various social experiences that represent all the player interactions. She works predominantly on highly scalable real-time and offline messaging systems that support in-game chat, presence, challenges and inbox. So all the EA games fans out there, don’t forget to attend the event and hear from Samanwita.
Pallavi Dag (
Pallavi Dag
Pallavi graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Seker lab, UC Davis in 2016. She is currently working at Illumina on novel fluidic platforms for high throughput and ubiquitous DNA sequencing applications.Her research interests include electrochemical sensors, novel nano-materials, point of care biosensors and integrated sample to answer platforms.
Devika Joshi (
Devika Joshi
Devika graduated with a MS in Computer Science. She is currently working at Moodys Analytics as Software Engineer. She also served in IGSA Executive Board 2016 as Marketing Coordinator.She has experience in full stack web applications and large scale data processing with Big Data technologies. She is also interested in Blockchain Technology.
Shashikanth Vadlamudi
Shashikanth Vadlamudi
Shashikanth currently works for NISUM technologies as a Sr. Product Manager and consults with GAP INC as a Product Manager for their Shared Service group that drives the DevOps transformation efforts. Before this, he worked as a Product Manager, Audience Growth at an Internet and Digital Media Start-up in East Bay handling their Social media and Audience growth and retention strategies. Shasikanth has a total of 13 years of experience in the Product Development and Management and holds a Masters Degree in Business Management from the Graduate school of Management, UC Davis and a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India.
Satyabrata Sarangi (
Satyabrata Sarangi
Satyabrata is a PhD candidate at VLSI Computation Lab in Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He has also been working as Product Engineer Intern with Intel Corporation since August, 2017. His research interests span around ASIC/FPGA/SoC design, power-performance modeling and trade off for hardware chips, HPC, many-core processors and optimized architecture for DSP workloads, and bio-medical instrumentation. He is an official technical reviewer for many leading journals/transactions/conferences and also serves as technical program committee (TPC) member for various conferences, being a member of various IEEE technical societies.In the past five years, some of his key awards include UC Davis Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award finalists for 2016-17, Best TA award from Electrical and Computer Engineering department, UC Davis for 2015-16 academic year, presented “Team IIT Kgp” at finals of Healthcare Innovations World Cup 2013 held in NYC and first runners up title with a cash award of $12.5K, IEEE students official page featured his academic/technical profile.


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