IGSA 2018 Diwali Night

The Annual IGSA Diwali Night is here. Come and enjoy a fun-filled night with amazing Indian performances, music, dance, and lip-smacking Indian food. See you there! 🙂

Location: ARC Ballroom Date: 11/16/2018 Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm

IGSA members can buy tickets from Board Members. Non-IGSA members can buy tickets here. Performances:


Jhankaar is well-known student-run South-Asian A cappella team at UC Davis that aims to combine elements of South Asian music such as Bollywood or Pakistani and Western Music together. They are a competitive A Capella team that travels throughout California and the United States to compete in the All-American Awaaz (A3) South Asian Acappella circuit.


Sunatya is UC Davis’ award-winning dance team that focuses on bringing together modern music into Classical Indian dance forms, predominantly Bharathanatyam. Sunatya began only a few years ago but have shown immense talent by participating in various competitions and events.

Davis Bhangra Crew

12193645_725253347607927_2161926641048954927_n.jpg Davis Bhangra Crew, the winners of UCSB Nachle Deewane’16 is the first Official Bhangra team from the Davis/Sacramento area, Davis. Bhangra is a worldwide popular Punjabi dance. It is a folk dance conducted by Punjabis in the central northern areas of the region to celebrate their harvest.

Mona Khan AcademyJogi2.jpg

Mona Khan Company is a highly acclaimed dance group based in SF Bay Area specializing in Bollywood dance. Their forte is reinterpreting the Indian pop dance and creating unique blends of East and West. They are the quarterfinalist of America’s Got Talent Season 5.

Radhika Violin fusion

Radhika Iyer is a California based author, violinist, songwriter, session musician and record producer. She is a proponent of both Indian classical and Western contemporary styles. With an established Indian classical music background, her solo productions exude an extraordinary reification of new aesthetic standards in contemporary music. Elegantly combining eclectic Indian scales and articulations in her compositions, her style embodies a very progressive and novel sounding musical landscape.   Krishnan A.V. is a percussion artist is a disciple of Shri T.H.V.Umashankar at the Sri Jaya Ganesh Tala Vadya Vidyalaya, Chennai. He debuted in the prestigious Chennai Music Season 2014, accompanying vocal and instrumental performers under the guidance of his guru. Krishnan currently resides in California and accompanies local and visiting artists from India on Ghatam and Kanjira. 8b805ad2-4b57-4b71-8353-fc314fd2752b.jpg Jayadev is a student of late Sri SR Jayaraman and Sri KR Ganesh. He has also learned advanced techniques from Ghatam Vidwan Late Sri EM Subramaniam. He has performed at most major Sabhas in Chennai, as well as in other parts of South India and the Bay Area.