The Indian Graduate Student Association is a student organization at the University of California Davis, that caters to the Indian and Indophile population at UC Davis. It was started in 1980’s by Sham S. Goyal who is currently a Professor of Plant Science Department in UC Davis. Over the years many enthusiastic student leaders have been offering their utmost dedication to take forward the legacy. It aims to foster a spirit of community spirit and achieve the role of a catalyst for interaction amongst the members of this community!.

We host Indian cultural events to bring together people from UC Davis as well as surrounding Davis and Sacramento communities interested in Indian culture. Our goal is to celebrate and spread the rich Indian culture as well as to help current and incoming graduate students in every way possible during their stay at UC Davis.

2019-20 Executive Board


Iman Chatterjee

Sumeet K Sinha
Vice President

Vikram Rao

Anirudth Gaur

Aparna Malviya
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